SEJ Ground Locations

DDJFL Ground Locations

Beaconsfield JFC
Beaconsfield Upper Reserve
Melways: 210 K10
Stoney Creek Road, Upper Beaconsfield (next to the primary school)
Phone: 5944 4389

Beaconsfield Recreation Reserve
Melways 111 H10
Perc Alison Oval (teams playing at this ground will be notified)
Beaconsfield Emerald Rd, Beaconsfield

Berwick JFC
Arch Brown Reserve
Melways: 111 F6
Buchannan Road, Berwick
Phone: 9707 5419

Berwick Fields P.S.
Melways: 111 A12
Gwendoline Dr (off Centre Rd), Berwick

Berwick Springs JFC
Berwick Springs Park
Melways: 130 G7
Corner Berwick Springs Promenade & Glasscocks Road, Narre Warren South

Cranbourne JFC
Cam Reserve
Melways: 133 G3
Fairbairn Road, Cranbourne
Phone: (03) 5996 5229

Cranbourne Race Course Snr Ground
Melways: 133 K7
Sth Gippsland Highway, Cranbourne (teams playing at this ground will be notified)
Phone: (03) 5996 2496

Dandy Saints
Thomas Carroll Reserve
Melways: 90 G9
Box Street, Dandenong
Phone: 9792 1611

Endeavour Hills
Charles Green Reserve
Melways: 91 C7
James Cook Drive, Endeavour Hills (teams playing at this ground will be notified)
Phone: 9700 2253

Singleton Reserve
Melways: 91 G6
Singleton Road, Endeavour Hills
Phone: 9700 0055

Robinson Reserve
Melways: 91 A10
Frawley Rd, Doveton (teams playing at this ground will be notified)

Fountain Gate
Max Pawsey Reserve
Melways: 110 C4
Fountain Drive, Narre Warren
Phone: 9704 8984

Hallam Reserve
Melways: 91 G11
Frawley Road, Hallam
Phone: 9703 2053

Hampton Park
Cairns Rd Reserve
Melways 96 D9
Cairns Rd, Hampton Park

Mossgiel Park
Barry Simon Reserve
Melways: 91 F2
Gleneagles Drive, Endeavour Hills
Phone: 9700 4213

Seebeck Oval
Melways: 81 J7
Stud Road, Rowville (teams playing at this ground will be notified)

Narre North Foxes
Kalora Reserve
Melways: 108 E9
Fox Road, Narre Warren North

Narre Warren North Reserve
Melways: 108 A8
Belgrave Hallam Rd, Narre Warren North

Narre South Lions
Straithard Reserve
Melways 130 A4
Community Parade, Narre Warren South
Phone: 9703 0933

Narre Warren
Sweeney Reserve
Melways: 110 J9
Golf Links Road, Narre Warren South
Phone: 9702 2077

Noble Park
Ross Reserve
Melways: 80 E12
Corrigan Road, Noble Park (under 9 to under 14 teams)
Phone: 9547 0455

Noble Park Reserve
Melways: 89 D5
Moodemere Street (teams playing at this ground will be notified)

Springvale Reserve
Melways: 79 J7
Necomen Road, Springvale
Phone: 9546 0566

North Dandenong
Lois Twohig Reserve
Melways: 81 E12
Carlton Road, North Dandenong
Phone: 9795 7797

Officer Recreation Reserve
Melways: 214 K3
Cnr Starling Rd & Princes Highway, Officer.

Major Recreation Reserve
Melways: 215 K5
Princes Highway Pakenham
Phone: 59 401 972

Frederick Wachter Reserve
Melways: 89 E7
Wahroonga Avenue, Noble Park
Phone: 9798 7272 Social Rooms: 9798 8407

W.J. Turner Reserve
Melways: 80 J8
Jacksons Road, Noble Park North (under 9 to under 12 teams)
Phone: 9790 0284

Barry Powell Reserve
Melways: 80 K10
Halton Road, North Dandenong (under 13 to under 17 teams)
Phone: 9795 9223

Nelson Reserve
Melways: 89 A4
Harold Road, Springvale
Phone: 9546 0566

Tooradin Recreation Reserve
Melways Map 143 K8

Dandenong Umpires Association
Alan Carter Pavilion,
Greaves Reserve
Melways: 90 A7
Bennet Street, Dandenong
Phone: 9793 1785

Dandenong District Junior Football League
Reid Oval
Melways: 91A10
Oak Avenue, Doveton